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Wang Professor of Cognitive and Neural Systems

Professor of Mathematics & Statistics, Psychological & Brain Sciences, and Biomedical Engineering

Founding Chairman, Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems, (

Founder and Director, Center for Adaptive Systems (

Founding Director, Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science, and Technology (

Founding President, International Neural Network Society  (

Founding Editor-In-Chief, Neural Networks (

Founder and General Chairman, International Conference on Cognitive and Neural Systems (ICCNS), 1997-2013 (

PhD, Mathematics, Rockefeller University

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I develop brain models of vision and visual object recognition; audition, speech, and language; development; attentive learning and memory; cognitive information processing and social cognition; reinforcement learning and motivation; cognitive-emotional interactions; navigation; sensory-motor control and robotics; and mental disorders. These models involve many parts of the brain, ranging from perception to action, and multiple levels of brain organization, ranging from individual spikes and their synchronization to cognition. Many of these projects are done in collaborations with PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty. I also collaborate with experimentalist colleagues to design experiments to test theoretical predictions and fill conceptually important gaps in the experimental literature, carry out analyses of the mathematical dynamics of neural systems, and transfer biological neural models to applications in neuromorphic engineering and technology.

My Interests and Theoretical Method

CELESTial Manifesto, May, 2006

Neural Networks Editorial: Towards Building a Neural Networks Community, December, 2010

Interview with Stephen Grossberg for 2005 Celebration of his Work and the CNS Department
Part I
Part II


Tutorial Lecture Series:

The Grossberg lectures were given on May 19-22, 2004, at the Eighth International Conference on Cognitive and Neural Systems (ICCNS'04) on the topic:

LINKING MIND TO BRAIN: A tutorial Lecture Series
Tutorial background and outline:
1st Grossberg Lecture: Part 1, Part 2
2nd Grossberg Lecture: Part 1, Part 2
3rd Grossberg Lecture: Part 1, Part 2
4th Grossberg Lecture: Part 1, Part 2



Towards Solving the Hard Problem of Consciousness: The Varieties of Brain Resonances and the Conscious Experiences that they Support
Lecture at the 2017 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Anchorage (long version):
Lecture at the 2017 Science of Consciousness conference, San Diego (shorter version):

Serial Order in Behavior: Unifying Acoustic Meaning and Rhythm in Audition, Speech, and Music.
Lecture at Centre for Music and Science, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, 9-11-15:

Lecture to receive the Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award of the Society of Experimental Psychologists, 4-18-15

China Plenary: Invariant Object Category Learning, Recognition, and Search, Sanya, 4-1-15

The Brain's Cognitive Dynamics: The Link Between Brain Learning, Attention, and Consciousness
Institute for Human and Machine Cognition 2006 Evening Lecture

Grossberg CELEST Lectures Spring 2006

International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN'07) plenary talk

Reflections on the founding of INNS and IJCNN. Featured story at IJCNN'07

Link to MBI 2002 Workshop lecture

Anticipatory brain dynamics in perception, cognition, and action

Stephen Grossberg and Ennio Mingolla. How the Brain Sees: Fundamentals and Recent Progress in Modeling Vision. Presentation to the annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society on May 6, 2005, Sarasota, Florida.

Steve Grossberg (opening keynote) at First International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures and First Annual Meeting of the BICA Society
Spatial intelligence: Attentive learning during navigation, search, and imitation


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