Eric L. Schwartz

Eric Schwartz in your brain

CMOS Foveal Sensor

Professor of Cognitive and Neural Systems

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology (Boston University Medical School)

PhD, High Energy Physics, Columbia University

Research Interests

Computational neuroscience, computer vision and robotics, neuroanatomy, neural modeling, brain imaging, physiological bases of meditation.

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Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography

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HTML Syllabus for CN780: Research Topics in Computational Neuroscience

HTML Syllabus for CN580: Introduction to Computational Neuroscience

Fallacies in Computational Neuroscience

Thanks to Yohan John for creating an illustrated version of the Fallacies of Computational Neuroscience, which were first demonstrated at the infamous but terminal Titanic Winter Party (2010) of the B.U. Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems.

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