» Curriculum Vitae «

I am a postdoctoral scholar in the Neuromorphics Lab, a member of CompNet at Boston University, where I collaborate with NASA to produce software for autonomous Mars rover navigation and aircraft obstacle avoidance.

I am a recent graduate of Boston University's department of Cognitive and Neural Systems, where I worked with Ennio Mingolla in the CNS Vision Lab to understand the functional connectivity of the human visual system that produces depth perception from motion.

I have also taught a course on introductory computational neuroscience, worked on education outreach with CELEST, participated with the CNSO in mad science and student-led MATLAB tutorials (CNSO, Psychology), and occasionally contributed to the neuroscience blogosphere.


Barnes, T., and Mingolla, E. (2013) A neural model of visual figure-ground segregation from kinetic occlusion. Neural Networks 37, 141–164. URL

Barnes, T., and Mingolla, E. (2012) Representation of motion onset and offset in an augmented Barlow-Levick model of motion detection. Journal of Computational Neuroscience 33(3), 421–434. URL