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N Andrew Browning, Ph.D

Developing biologically-inspired machine intelligence

Professional Interests:
     Reactive navigation and control
     Robust obstacle detection
     Automated video analysis
     Biologically inspired algorithm
     Human navigational strategies
     Industrial application of machine



Resume (pdf)

Publications (* denotes co-first author)

Browning, Grossberg & Mingolla (2009). A neural model of how the brain computes heading from optic flow in realistic scenes. Cognitive Psychology,59,320-356.pdf

Browning, Grossberg & Mingolla (2009). Cortical dynamics of navigation and steering in natural scenes: Motion based object segmentation, heading, and obstacle avoidance. Neural Networks,22,1383-1389. pdf

Browning, Grossberg & Mingolla (2008). Visually guided navigation and steering: Motion-based object segmentation and heading estimation in primates. ICCNS, May 2008, Boston

Mingolla*, Browning* & Grossberg (2008). Neural Dynamics of Visually-Based Object Segmentation and Navigation in Complex Environments. Journal of Vision,8,6,1154. abstract

Browning, Grossberg & Mingolla (2007). Computing heading and optic flow in MT-MST: A neural model of primate motion processing. Computational Cognitive Neuroscience conference, November 2007, San Diego pdf

Browning, Grossberg & Mingolla (2007). Heading from optic flow of natural scenes during motion processing by cortical areas MT and MST. Society for Neuroscience, November 2007, San Diego. abstract

Browning, Grossberg, Mingolla (2007). Heading from optic flow in a neural model of primate motion processing and navigation. ICCNS conference, May 2007, Boston

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