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Neuroscience is the study of the brain. 


The brain provides the core guidance for intelligent behavior.

Partnering neuroscience with other fields adds new perspectives and naturally focuses on specific regions of the brain.  For example, neuroscience with mathematics and computer science leads to adaptive machine learning models.  Neuroscience with psychology and economics leads to behaviorally plausible and socially aware agent models.  My research combines these two particular streams to explore novel approaches to dynamic rational and irrational behavior modeling. 


Specific Regions in Focus


·       Hippocampus – the locus of short-term episodic memory formation and recall.  This is the first region impaired in Alzheimer’s Disease.

·       Entorhinal cortex – the specific region of spatiotemporal memory.  The recurrent loops among the subcomponents enables far more complex behavior in the same neural circuits. 

·       Prefrontal cortex – the center of attention, working memory, and social behavior.  Damage to this area can significantly affect personality.


Specific Functions in Focus


Modeling the inner workings of the neuronal synapses and growth is necessary but not sufficient in modeling adaptive agents that mirror real world behavior.  Three key factors external to the classic nervous system that can dramatically alter behavior are:

·       Selective Attention – focusing on a subset of the available sensory information provides more precise, relevant, and intelligent stimuli.  People typically ignore the sensation of pressure while sitting and reading.

·       Working Memory – also known as executive attention, or connecting adjacent events in time into a temporal pattern.  People typically place the current sentence in the context of prior text.

·        Social Learning – using others’ actions as shortcuts in the decision process.  People typically find a crowded restaurant more appealing than an empty one, all else equal.



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