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This site is no longer being updated. Barbara Shinn-Cunningham moved to Carnegie Mellon University in September of 2018, where she is now the Director of the Carnegie Mellon Neuroscience Institute.

You may wish to visit her new CMU
Laboratory in Multisensory Neuroscience.

ANL quotes:
  • "I do feel competent... sometimes." JF 10/11/17
  • "It is so boring. Everyone is too organized. I don't like it." IC 10/5/17
  • "I am definitely going to ruin some people's lives, but I'm excited for it." JF 12/13/17
  • "I am hypothesis free." TP 12/18/17
  • "Now that we have the data, we can definitely do it a prior." BGSC 12/18/17
  • “We’ll keep your father-in-law’s navel in mind.” DP 9/29/15

  • ... slutty neurons." ER 12/11/14

  • “Pity is a strategy.” AT 9/3/15

  • “I was doing graph theory last week.” LB 8/3/15

  • “September is the month of bull****” DS 9/25/17
  • "I have never heard him laugh." HG 6/18/15
  • “I don’t have autism. I am just old.” … pause… “Yeah, that’s true.” BGSC/HB 4/29/16
  • “I have seen nothing but garbage.” LV 10/22/15

  • "There are also some Methods in the Results. That is the nature of the format.” HV 10/22/15

  • “How do they interpret this?” “Nope.” BGSC / LV 9/15/14

  • "No." "Are you sure?!" "No." HB / BGSC / HB 9/8/14
  • “I like to eat.” WC 9/10/14

  • "You can do whatever works.” HB 5/12/14

  • “Negative is down in these graphs.” LV 3/28/16

  • “Because reading is stoooopid.” SM 11/12/14

  • "OOOH ALPHA OOOH!" LV 3/21/16
  • "MAN pockets.” DS 11/25/14

  • “He was just using us to get a baby.” BGSC 5/8/15

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