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Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
Laboratory Director
shinn @

auditory attention in normal and special populations, binaural and spatial hearing, subcortical and cortical sound processing, multi-sensory attention networks
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Scott Bressler
Senior Research Engineer
bressler @

communication impairments in mild traumatic brain injury and blast exposure
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Tim Nolan
Research Associate
tnolanjr @

everything and anything hardware / software / scientific
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Marissa Gamble
Post Doc
mlgamble @

physiological measures of selective attentional processes in audition
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Sabine Hochmuth
Post Doc
sabineh @

effects of talker clarity and accent on speech intelligibility
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Sung-Joo Lim
Post Doc
sungj.m.lim @

effects of speaker familiarity on speech processing and memory
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Abby Noyce
Post Doc
anoyce @

comparisons of working memory and attention in vision and audition
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Winko An
PhD student, Biomedical Engineering
wan @

tracing neural control and flow of information using EEG and fMRI
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Lia Bonacci
PhD student, Biomedical Engineering
liab @

network connectivity and control in auditory attention and attention switching
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Yuqi Deng
PhD student, Biomedical Engineering
vydeng @

EEG markers of focus in attentional brain networks
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Justin Fleming
PhD student, Harvard University Speech and Hearing Biosciences and Technology Program
justinfleming @

multisensory integration in active perception
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Jasmine Kwasa
PhD student, Biomedical Engineering
jkwasa @

selective and divided attention in ADHD across sensory modalities
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Sophie Schwarz
PhD student, Graduate Program in Neuroscience
schwart2 @

auditory processing in complex scenes in listeners with autism
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Jing Chen
Visiting scholar
jchen.hit @

acoustic and neural markers of emotion in voice
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Alex Pei
Undergraduate assistant
alexpei @

decoding EEG signals using machine learning
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Sucheta Tamragouri
Undergraduate assistant
suchetat @

pupilometry and anything that we throw at her
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Laura Torres
Undergraduate assistant
lmtorres @

effects of neuroactive drugs on attentional control